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Production & Manufacturing


Customization through innovation

Superior custom hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured to fit your needs

Expect the Best From Your Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

Quality extends beyond any single department—it’s a company-wide commitment

Expertise is magnified through the depth and breadth of industries served. We serve markets from Railway to Material Handling to Under-the-Sea applications and everything in-between.

Market Coverage

Exacting specifications are welcomed. Your requirements come first and we manufacture purpose-built hydraulic cylinders to fit those needs. The cylinder you receive is designed to perform in the intended application.

Quality Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Every detail counts. American facilities. American jobs. Our entire company is purpose-built and engineered to move your business. This puts us in control of design, manufacturing, response time, integrity, and quality.

Purpose-Built in America


Utilize our experience and technology to enhance your application.

Hydraulic cylinders to fit your custom solution and special builds


Position Sensing (Smart) cylinders integrate with complex control systems

Prototype manufacturing and testing

Integrated valves to meet enhanced safety and design requirements


Outperform the competition — partner with us.

High quality cylinders that increase the value of your products.


Ability to manufacture to your specs


Low volume to high volume production orders

Prototype manufacturing and testing (PPAP, First Article)

Industry certification available (ABS, ANSI, Welding)


Leverage our capacity and inventory as an extension of your business.

Expertise required as your hydraulic cylinder solutions provider

Flexibility through partnership—pursue more cylinder clients and industries

Broaden your customer base through our industry data

Support your customers with exclusive, purpose-built cylinders

We Work So You Can Strive


Cylinder Repair

Experience with all brands and equipment models


Our professional hydraulic repair capabilities are at the core of the widespread services that we provide. From a simple reseal to a major overhaul, our highly skilled technicians can evaluate any hydraulic component and offer a solution to fit your schedule as well your budget.

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